Plush Drinks Ltd has long recognised the need for a more efficient solution to the problem of providing your favourite spirit wherever you are.

Our sachet Plushshots™ were originally designed with the airline industry where the extra weight and volumes of glass and plastics cost fuel and increase the operator’s carbon footprint. In addition our sachet Plushshots™ use far less fuel in production and distribution and need a fraction of the landfill space of glass bottles and miniatures.

Apart from being heavy, bulky bottles and miniatures are also a nuisance, likely to break if dropped and of course they are not very discrete.

Combining high quality spirits in crush resistant and tamper evident sachets Plush Spirit sachets allow you to enjoy a drink in situations where plastic miniatures and glass bottles are impractical because of their weight and size.

Our sachets are designed with a tough laminate packaging to keep them leak-free whilst our Easitear™ system then allows easy opening and pouring without spills.