The good news is that Plushots can be recycled! Unfortunately not all municipalities have the facility to do this.  And even though an empty Plushot weights less than 1gm we’re still conscious that cumulatively that’s a lot of potential waste going to landfill.

We have therefore developed a strategy to manage the waste by teaming up with specialist companies such as Terracycle ( who can convert difficult-to-recycle materials such as laminates into low-grade articles such as garden furniture, golf course signage, planters, picnic tables, playground equipment, to mention but a few.

Therefore, with every box of Plushots sent out we include a pre-paid return envelope for the empty Plushots to be sent back to us. Simply put the used Plushots into the envelope and pop into the post. These are then compacted at our transfer station and subsequently sent on in bulk for specialist treatment.

Our laminate supplier’s aim is to have a fully recyclable or compostable laminate available within the coming years, but in the meantime we’re doing what we can to avoid both litter and unnecessary items being sent to landfill. Please help us in this aim.