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25ml single shot
Produced within small designated regions of Mexico, our Tequila is fermented and double distilled to release flavour.

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Tequila Shots as Alcohol Miniatures

As one of our excellent alcohol miniatures, Plush Drinks’ Tequila is produced within only five small designated regions in Mexico and the production of the spirit is the most strictly controlled in the world. Our Tequila alcohol shot is produced in Guadalajara 100% from the Agave plant which takes a minimum of 6-8 years to mature. The juice is then extracted, fermented and double distilled to release in the liquor the aromas and flavours of the Agave.

Tequila liquor shots hugely popular

Tequila shots are hugely popular especially amongst the younger drinkers and cocktails using tequila spirit as a base are widespread.

Strength (AVB) 40%
Size 25ml
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