White Rum

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25ml single shot
Aged for up to a year, our White Rum is a blend of rums from Trinidad, Barbados and Guyana

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Rum shots as Alcohol Miniatures

As one of our excellent alcohol miniatures, our white rum is a blend of rums from Trinidad, Barbados and Guyana. The rums are distilled several times in a column still from a base material of molasses before being filtered through charcoal. The spirit is then aged for up to a year in stainless steel tanks to preserve the liquor’s clarity. Plush Drinks’ White Rum alcohol shot is a great choice for cocktails and other mixed drinks as it perfectly complements the other ingredients without overpowering them.

Rum liquor shots popularity increases.

Rum is the UK’s second favourite spirit (after gin) with white rum being the first choice. Consumers are also becoming more adventurous with their choice of mixers rather than sticking to the traditional rum and coke.

Strength (AVB) 40%
Size 25ml
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